Debt Collection Letter Writing

Collection Letter Writing Series

When a customer’s account is delinquent, and your customer ignores your calls and letters, before placing that account for collection, our demand letter series gives you another tool to convince your clients of the seriousness of their delinquency.

Millennium offers its client the opportunity to utilize our demand letter series. Each series is comprised of three letters with increasingly stronger payment demands on Millennium letterhead. These letters, sent every two weeks, reminds your customer that its account is delinquent, and directs them to make immediate payment to you. Using this service saves your staff the time and energy of issuing your letters and contacting clients who have previously ignored your calls and letters. It increases your collection rates, and potentially saves you collection costs.

In targeted tests, these letters have resulted in successful collections in approximately 35% of accounts 90 to 120 days delinquent.

Make your clients aware that your company will not tolerate continuing delinquencies that adversely affect your DSO. Reasonably priced, they effectively provide you with another employee, solely dedicated to collecting delinquent accounts. The letter series is sold in batches of five and ten individual client contacts.

  • Batch of 5 – $100.00
  • Batch of 10 – $160.00

All we need to get started is the company name, address, and amount due. If payment is made, notify us and the letters will cease immediately. For more information, contact your sales representative today or download the commercial payment demand letter series order form.

Ordering Your Collection Letter Series

For more information, contact your sales representative today.

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