Client Collection Portal


Through our interactive web portal, our clients have immediate access to their collection portfolios and all information regarding the status of the collections made and activity performed by Millennium. This portal allows our clients to view all information about the collection, from amounts collected and future promises of payment, to total collections for the portfolio, with percentages and ratios. Reports are downloadable in plain text and in Excel ® format. Customized reports using multiple fields can be created as well. No special software is required to access the portal and its information.

ALL collector notes are made available to our clients, so that they can review daily collection activity. We know that most other agencies restrict collector notes to the last day of activity. No such restrictions are enabled on this portal. In addition, the interactive features of the portal permit our clients to place their own notes into the account collection notes for our staff and collectors to review, saving you time and effort should you want to comment on claims made by your customers, or report payments received … or not received … when your customers tell a collector that payment has been made.

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