Claims Placement: Debt information may be sent to us in any form or you may use our simple Debtor Placement Form. Placements can be received via telephone, fax, mail, or email. An acknowledgement of your claim is mailed within 24 hours of receipt… more

Credit Application: The determination by a company to grant credit is almost always initiated by the applicant’s submission of a credit application. The information requested in the application form should allow the credit grantor to immediately know the most basic information about an applicant, and allow the grantor to gather additional information bearing on the applicant’s credit worthiness…. more

Free Demand Letters: This collection letter is a (10) day demand letter that you will send your debtor via mail, letting your debtor know they will be placed into collections with Millennium Collections Corporation, if they fail to pay the balance in full within (10) days from the date of the letter… more

Letter Writing Series: When a customer’s account is delinquent, and there is no response to your calls and letters, you now have another tool to extract payment from these clients…. more

First Party Collections: Although companies understand the importance of contacting customers early in the delinquency cycle, some do not have the necessary resources to sustain consistent and cost-effective outbound telephone campaigns. MCC provides a unique, customized accounts receivable approach, ensuring superior results for clients while ensuring a high level of satisfaction among the clients’ customers….. more


Account Collection Litigation

Network of Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys
Millennium has a worldwide network of attorneys that specialize in commercial law and debt collection. Should third-party debt collection fail to collect your account, and you decide to sue to recover your delinquent account, our affiliated attorneys located in every state in the U.S. and most foreign countries will bring suit on your behalf.

All attorneys used by Millennium are members of the Commercial Law League of America and their collections on your behalf, just as with Millennium, are bonded for your protection. All foreign attorneys are carefully screened based on referrals received from reputable sources in the legal community.

Attorney Fees. In all U.S. jurisdictions and the majority of international locations, attorney fees are fully or partially contingent upon collection. In some countries, however, attorneys, by law, cannot accept contingent fees. In all cases, we will inform you the costs of assigning your claim to a lawyer in the debtor’s area and obtain your prior approval before doing so.

Court Costs and Non-Contingent Suit Fees (Retainer). Prior to instituting suit, outside counsel normally requests the payment of the anticipated court costs for the filing of the action with the court and service of the summons on the debtor. These costs vary from court to court, state to state, and country to country. In certain instances, the attorney will charge a non-contingent suit fee or retainer, which covers the work of the attorney in preparing and filing the necessary papers and in making appearances in court. Attorneys outside the U.S. may sometimes require a higher retainer and/or an increased contingent fee. Millennium always gets your written prior approval before filing legal action on your behalf.


Millennium’s interactive client web portal allows clients to access our collection database to view and download all information about the client’s accounts and the current status of the collection process.

While most agencies with web access only permit viewing of the last collector note, Millennium’s client portal allows our clients to view all collector notes from the inception of the collection activity to date.

The interactive feature of the program gives clients the option to enter their own notes into the system to notify us of any changes on the accounts that we should know about. When a client enters a note into the system, emails are generated to Millennium’s management and accounting departments, notifying us to view the note, saving the client the time and effort of calling and/or emailing us.

The client portal also allows the client to download statistical reports in Excel ® format, and create their own customized reports and graphs of collection statistics. Other than a basic web browser, no special software is required to access the client portal.

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