Why Millennium Collections

Why Millennium collections

Almost two decades have elapsed since Millennium Collections Corporation was established to provide to the accounts receivable management community a highly professional and service oriented financial services company. Millennium has built its stellar reputation in the ARM community by outperforming and out-servicing its competition. Millennium relentlessly collects each and every account in our client’s portfolios and provides its clients with the legendary client service. Contact us today, and speak with our sales representatives and our client references to find out more about using the pre-eminent third party collection agency in the country.

Millennium’s collectors are some of the most experienced in the industry, with an average of over 20 years of collecting experience, collecting a wide array of accounts. The typical agency collector is inexperienced in complex collection accounts and delayed by a debtor’s excuses such as claiming “late” delivery or defects in unreturned product. Millennium’s collectors are educated to deal with these tactics to delay payment through studies of actual collection files. They know how various laws such as the commercial laws such as the Uniform Commercial Code, secured transactions and the bankruptcy code apply to their accounts, and use that knowledge to overcome objections to payment and speed up collections. Use Millennium for the most qualified collection staff in the B2B collection agency field.

Millennium’s unique system of supervision compels its collectors to collect on all accounts, not just those that offer fast and simple collection. You can be assured that your accounts will be treated with the same importance as every account that we collect for every one of our clients.

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