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Corporate Overview

Created to provide clients with the highest quality customer service, Millennium Collections Corporation is dedicated to providing our clients with superior performance using the latest technology for all of your commercial collection needs. We offer a wide range of services for both first and third party collections.

At Millennium Collections Corporation, we treat each client as if they our only client. We are fully aware that we are measured by the results we provide and that our customer's reputation must be enhanced each and every time we do business. We get the results you need using only the best methods for your company. Our technology separates us from the competition. See the difference for yourself.

Why Millennium Collections?

Millennium Collections Corporation provides an option to the “typical” collection agency. Our founder and President, Jonathan Rose, is a commercial trial lawyer with over twenty-five years of general counsel, law firm, and collection agency experience. Mr. Rose saw a need for a financial services company that would provide clients with high grade, realistically priced collection services. Millennium Collections was founded to provide clients with an option to the “typical collection agencies”.

Where the typical agency collector is impeded by a debtor’s excuses, such as late delivery or defects in unreturned product, our collectors use our own customized approach. Our collectors are taught to deal with these dilatory tactics through the study of actual case files to deal with disputes by the application of commercial law, provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code, secured transactions, and the bankruptcy code. This allows them to overcome and meet objections to payment, while collecting a greater percentage of our client’s accounts. Millennium recovers delinquent receivables on an average of 30-60 days after placement. Our remittance schedule, requiring payment of client’s funds every fifteen days, is faster than any other agency. Why accept anything less than the most qualified first and third party collection source?

Clients with buyer sensitive accounts can also be confident that they are receiving the services of tactful negotiators, not merely overbearing bill collectors.

Millennium is licensed and bonded with private surety bond in the penal amount of $300,000, in addition to the state mandated $50,000 commercial collection agency bond. Our contingency fee structure is industry competitive, considering the higher levels of services provided.

Don't Wait!

According to a survey by the Commercial Collection Agency Section of the Commercial Law League, the probability of collecting a delinquent account drops dramatically with the length of delinquency. The probability of collecting an account that is delinquent only three months drops to 71.9%. After six months, almost 44% of delinquent accounts will never be collected. After one year, the probability of collecting a delinquent account is 27.9%. So do not wait! Place accounts as soon as they become delinquent.