Our Services

Our Services

Claims Placement: Debt information may be sent to us in any form or you may use our simple Debtor Placement Form. Placements can be received via telephone, fax, mail, or email. An acknowledgement...more

Credit Applications: The determination by a company to grant credit is almost always initiated by the applicant’s submission of a credit application. The information requested in the application form should...more

Demand Services: Millennium’s clients can also take advantage of our 10 Day Free Demand service. When an account is placed, you will have the option of having a 10 Day Demand on our letterhead mailed to...more

Letter Writing Series: When a customer’s account is delinquent, and there is no response to your calls and letters, you now have another tool to extract payment from these clients…more

First Party Collections: Although companies understand the importance of contacting customers early in the delinquency cycle, some do not have the necessary resources to sustain consistent...more

Interactive Web Portal: Millennium’s interactive client web portal allows clients to access our collection database to view and download all information about the client’s accounts and the current status of...more

Legal: In the event your customer continues to refuse to pay your account, Millennium provides our clients with the option of bringing them to court and taking a judgment against them for the amounts due, plus interest, court costs, and attorney’s fees, where awardable by the court...more