Our Demand Services

Our Demand Services

72 Hour Demand

This letter is sent from our company via mail, fax or email, on our letterhead to your customer, demanding that they contact your company within 72 hours of the date of our letter. The letter states that if they fail to contact you, it will result in their account being placed into collections with Millennium. If your customer responds to this demand within that time frame, there is no charge to your company. If your customer refuses to contact you, the account will move automatically into collections at your agreed contingency rate.

10 Day Free Demands

Millennium’s clients can also take advantage of our 10 Day Free Demand service. When an account is placed, you have the option of having a 10 Day Demand on our letterhead mailed to your customer, notifying them that if they fail to pay your account within 10 days, the account will be placed into collection. If your account is paid within that time, there is no charge. If payment is not made, we will immediately issue the first collection letter and contact your customer to make a payment demand. Upon request, the amount of time allowed for payment can be lessened to any amount of time the client requests.

Courier Service Demands

In order to impress upon your customer the importance of payment of your account immediately, the Ten Day Demand letters can also be sent via overnight courier. As in all demand letters, if your customer doesn’t pay your account within the time frame that you elect, the account will move into collections for immediate contact by one of our collectors.