Debt Collection Litigation

Debt Collection Litigation

In the event your customer continues to refuse to pay your account, Millennium provides our clients with the option of bringing them to court and taking a judgment against them for the amounts due, plus interest, court costs, and attorney’s fees, where awardable by the court.

Network of Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys

Millennium has access to a network of attorneys in both the US and around the world that specialize in creditor’s rights, commercial law and debt collection. We will help you retain an attorney to represent you in your lawsuit. We only recommend retaining an attorney that our in house legal counsel has determined has the knowledge and experience to properly represent your interests.

Should third-party debt collection fail to collect your account, and you decide to sue to recover your delinquent account, our affiliated attorneys located in every state in the U.S. and most foreign countries will bring suit on your behalf.

All attorneys recommended by Millennium are bonded to $1,000,000 by our network to guarantee payment of all recoveries. All foreign attorneys are carefully screened based on referrals received from reputable sources in the legal community.

Attorney Fees

In all U.S. jurisdictions and the majority of international locations, attorney fees are fully or partially contingent upon collection. In some countries, however, attorneys, by law, cannot accept contingency fee retainers. In all cases, we will inform you of the costs of assigning your claim to a lawyer in the debtor’s area and obtain your prior written approval before doing so.

Court Costs and Non-Contingent Suit Fees (Retainers)

Prior to instituting suit, outside counsel normally request a cost advance for the anticipated costs of filing the action with the court and service of the summons on the debtor. These costs vary from court to court, state to state, and country to country. In some cases, your attorney will charge a non-contingent suit fee or retainer, which covers the work of the attorney in preparing and filing the necessary papers and in making appearances in court. Millennium will never engage the services of an attorney on your behalf without your written prior approval.